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Aug 11
Country: United States; City: Los Angeles;   map  
  West Coast Archives only provides Certified Document, DVD, Film, Video and Paper Shredding: all items that are earmarked for disposal are securely shredded with a SHREDDING CERTIFICATE issued by WCA. Address- 1816 Oak St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 Google plus- Sublink-
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Jul 26
Country: Australia; City: Sydney;   map  
  National Document Shredding is a proud Australian owned and operated shredding company providing secure document destruction, security bins and paper shredding services. We have years of hands on experience in the industry, visit us now if you are looking for secure document disposal services.
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Feb 24
Country: United States; City: Edmonds;   map  
  Discarded and/or contaminated needles and syringes must be placed in an approved biohazardous sharps container. Biohazardous sharps containers are those containers which are specifically designed for the collection and disposal of biohazardous or medical sharps.
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Feb 8
Country: United States; City: Edmonds;   map  
  Liquid biohazardous wastes may be treated and disposed of by either of the following methods: 1. Chemical treatment of liquids with disinfectant; disposal via lab sink – Disinfectants may be used for “treatment” of liquid biological waste to prohibit growth of microorganisms. Add household bleach to the collection vessel so that the bleach makes 10% to 15% of the final volume. Allow a contact time of at least 30 minutes. Carefully discharge the mixture to the sanitary sewer by way of the lab sink, then thoroughly rinse the sink with water,
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Jan 4
Country: Canada; City: Burnaby;   map  
  Biomed Dispose-It dedicated to elevating the services that MTS Loacgistics provides and serving the healthcare community in the most convenient and cost-effective way to include disposing of sharps, syringes and other waste materials.
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Dec 3
Country: United States; City: Edmonds;    
  Biohazardous waste shall be bagged and placed for storage, handling, or transport in a rigid container which may be disposable, reusable, or recyclable. Containers shall be leak resistant, have tight-fitting covers, and be kept clean and in good repair. Containers may be recycled with the approval of the enforcement agency.
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