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Feb 23
Country: China; City: Shaoxing;    
  Solar street light can automatically be generated by solar energy during the day. In other words, it is in a hybrid outdoor LED lighting system that eliminates the dependence of the traditional street lamp system on the grid and does not require energy bills. The latest design uses wireless technology and fuzzy control theory to manage battery. Therefore, the streetlights that use this technology can run as a network, and each lamp has the ability to execute network switches.
Feb 23
Country: China; City: Shaoxing;    
  As an energy-saving led light manufacturers, science lighting have automatic SMT production line, ballast workshop, panel lights, ceiling lamps, T8 lamps, LED lamp assembly workshop.
Feb 22
  The Degree/ Diploma Award Ceremony “AAVAHAN 2018” was successfully organized at SMS Lucknow campus on January 27th, 2018. The function began with traditional lamp lighting and prayers of Goddess Saraswati. The Director presented the progress report of the institute. Director General (Technical), Dr. B.R. Singh stressed on the importance of Research and Innovation and future growth prospects in a rapidly changing world economy. Chief Guest, Prof Mahrukh Mirza, VC, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Urdu, Arabi-Farsi University, Lucknow exhorted the students to focus on fundamental duties instead of just their fundamental rights; he also emphasized the importance of setting the right example by the teachers for the future generations. Guest of Honor- Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Head CSD Reliance Jio Infocom spoke on the importance of Speed, Energy and Integrity in our professional life today
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Dec 27
Country: United States;   map  
  The himalayan rock salt lamp bulb helps to clean the air around you and convert into pure and fresh air. This can also reduce the symptoms typically experienced by allergy and asthma sufferers and you always feel better and healthy.
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Dec 22
Country: United States;   map  
  We have the premium quality of real himalayan salt lamp that always keep lighting at home and also remove all of the negative thoughts and get focused your mind on positive thoughts and also removes the stress. Live a healthy lifestyle.
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Oct 24
  Integrated solar street light include the led lamp, solar panel, motion sensor, lithium battery into to one single product, and there is no any lines, it's very practical and convenient. Inside the light, there is a controller, it will control the solar panel to charge the battery in the daytime, also it will control the led lamp to light up in the night. Be Used in the wide open area, street, garden, seaside and so on places which with rich sunlight and lack of electricity power areas.
Sept 22
Country: India; City: Calcutta;   map  
  With everything from soft furnishings, office furniture and coffee tables to sofas, beds and wardrobes, give your home some love! At Furnest, we pride ourselves in offering a personal service. Our team of experienced sales advisers can help select the best option for your home, whether you simply want a new lamp to brighten up your bedroom or a whole new suite. Social link
Aug 21
Country: United States;   map  
  Naples Lamp Factory is based out of Naples, Florida and has been designing and manufacturing lamps and home accessories for over 20 years. Here you can buy Table Lamps in Ft. Myers at affordable cost. For more info visit our website.
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Aug 2
Country: Cocos Islands; City: West Island;   map  
  Vasthi Instruments adopts the pulse xenon lamp as light source and the ultraviolet optical fiber spectrometer as detector is capable for real-time gathering of absorption spectrum of water pollutants ranging from 200nm to 800nm and real-time analysis of the content of water pollutants by means of chemometric algorithm technology. Optical path as shown below.for more information.
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Aug 1
Country: India; City: Coimbatore;    
  Gemstones on Sankatahara Chaturthi day Fasting on Sankatahara Chaturthi is performed for Lord Ganesha. By observing this fast you will get rid of all the obstacles in your life and all your wishes would come true. On this auspicious day, start your day early in the morning by chanting slokas and light a lamp with ghee and chant 108 names of Ganesha or chant the favorite sloka of Lord Ganesha 3 times.
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Jun 30
Country: India; City: Roorkee;   map  
  Our lighting and handicraft items are top quality and price reliable too. You answered all my questions promptly regarding the product selection based on my requirements. It is the right answer, where to buy lamps online and best place to buy lamps near me. It is the best Indian wooden handicraft & lighting lamp items store that help the artisans and craftsmen to promote their sustain living. Shine Handicraft is the Indian handicraft product store and antique item store to sale the finest.
May 12
Country: India;   map  
  USB LED Light 1.2 Watt Flexible and Compact for your laptop. Available in 6 DifferentColors. And powered by any devices with USB port. Discount on bulk orders contact on 7435916330 BY:-PT2203
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Apr 26
Country: India;    
  For some reason you are unable to travel abroad, or you are not getting a visa, or there is an obstacle. In such a situation, Regularly text Sundaram Kand with respect to the lamp of the sesame in front of the statue of Hanuman ji and take bath with saffron, Which will eliminate all your foreign problem.
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Apr 6
Country: Reunion; City: Saint-Denis;   map  
  The Camphor is a wooden substance available from big trees in japan and china, it is also called caphoor. This is used in Ayurveda and has big healing properties. It has many applications but here we are talking of burning and diffusing the camphor on the aroma lamp. Contact :- 9873333108 | 9555666667 Visit :- Email :-
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Apr 3
Country: United States; City: Knoxville;   map  
  Luminoso Led Downlights amazing combo of price & performance ecofriendly & energy efficient with advanced dimming parameters. easy to install & longer life than a compact florescent lamp. ideal for new construction or to retrofit applications. Our Products : * LUMINOSO 10W, 2700K DOWNLIGHT LIGHT : $29.00 * LUMINOSO 10W, 2700K DOWNLIGHT LIGHT : $35.00 * LUMINOSO 10W, 2700K DOWNLIGHT LIGHT : $25.90 * LUMINOSO 10W, 2700K DOWNLIGHT LIGHT : $29.40
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