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Jun 7
Country: India; City: Delhi;   map  
  Best quality fasteners are sale many products for use hex Stover lock nuts. A one piece all metal prevailing torque type hex nuts with two or three equally spaced round or rectangular impressions compressed into the flat sides of the nut. These compressions create slight distortion in the internal threading that results in an increased resistance when tightened onto mating threads.
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Jun 5
Country: Australia; City: Melbourne;   map  
  Coconut Barfi, A precious blend of grated fresh coconut with sugar, elaichi and tastemakers just to make it and sound it delicious. Coconut Barfi, traditionally a sweet in white prepared by cooking coconut freshly grated with elaichi (cardamom) in an open iron pan and then cooked in order to make a mould and make a mixture. Then whole mixture in a dish and make it flat and is frozen. Then diced into rectangular shape and kept out to get room temperature. When you have a bite of coconut barfi.
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