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Mar 16
Country: United States; City: Boston;   map  
  Get the hygienic and sanitary surface for non slip poultry floor coating with the help of PUMA- CRETE HF. Makes the floor easy to clean and antimicrobial.
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Feb 8
Country: United States; City: Edmonds;   map  
  Liquid biohazardous wastes may be treated and disposed of by either of the following methods: 1. Chemical treatment of liquids with disinfectant; disposal via lab sink – Disinfectants may be used for “treatment” of liquid biological waste to prohibit growth of microorganisms. Add household bleach to the collection vessel so that the bleach makes 10% to 15% of the final volume. Allow a contact time of at least 30 minutes. Carefully discharge the mixture to the sanitary sewer by way of the lab sink, then thoroughly rinse the sink with water,
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Nov 20
  Sanitary Diverter valve with connection in the form of a looper flange connection, quick discharge flange connection, welded connection. Welded connection is divided into welding type connection.
Nov 20
  Sanitary diaphragm valve can be remotely controlled by a drive unit or manually operated by a handle. Hygienic diaphragm valve is using the valve stem directly and to press the rubber membrane on the valve seat.
Nov 20
  Sanitary Check valves continuously absorb global advanced technology which not only can make valves body has a self-locking ability to stop the butterfly plate in any position, but also improve the operational performance of the valve.
Nov 5
Country: United States; City: Boston;    
  poultry floors handle extreme conditions including mechanical abuse, thermal shock, chemical/bacteria attack, wetness and chemical sanitizers. This seamless urethane mortar flooring is sanitary, durable, and cost effective.. Feel free to contact at : (800) 808-7773
Nov 4
Country: United States; City: Boston;    
  EP Floors specializes in dairy processing floors and all types of sanitary USDA approved food processing floors. We have over 30 years of installation experience in milk, cheese, ice cream and yogurt plants. Fell fee to contact at: (800) 808-7773
Jul 29
  We are your one-stop-solution for Exterior/Interior/Artifacts and Furnishing solutions. building exteriors and interiors in the form of Plywood, Veneers, exclusive Hardware, Modular Kitchens & Accessories, Bathroom Accessories, Sanitary Fittings and imported Designer Tiles.
Apr 21
Country: United States; City: King of Prussia;   map  
  Providing the right number and the right type of portable restrooms is what event organizers or construction contractors strive to do. Only with knowledgeable rental assistance, they can do that without any hassle; we at Porta Potty Direct help all our customers, providing the most satisfying rental suggestions having an understanding of customers’ sanitary requirements. Rent portable restrooms that you need to facilitate competent sanitation in your event or construction. Customer satisfaction
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