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Aug 18
Country: U.S. Virgin Islands; City: Charlotte Amalie;   map  
  Powerful love spells to attract a new lover and keep your new love yours for as long as you want. Order love spells today to help you and your partner connect and understand each other more. Powerful love spells to stop a cheating lover from cheating on you so that you are the center of attention and their affections. My binding love spells will bring the heart of two lovers together, placing them in synch with the universe causing a deep understanding and high level of affection to develop between two lovers or would be lovers. Powerful love spells to find your soul mate; powerful love spells to heal your relationship or marriage. A soul mate lover is the best person to start a relationship with as your love relationship has the blessing of the universe and you have qualities that complement each other as lovers. For more information contact Email: Website Call/whatsapp +27833876160
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Aug 11
Country: Germany; City: Altenbeken;   map  
  Spiritual Powers that offer Marriage permanently Any real love relation should ordinarily culminate into people committing to each other into a marriage but one partner may refuse to commit and therefore the need for marriage spells. And marriage is a process whereby two people commit to each other publicly to stay together for good and for worse. Guarranteed your money back It does not matter how this marriage is conducted, It can be religious or otherwise. What is important is the commitment t
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Aug 9
Country: Australia; City: Blaxland;   map  
  Well known Astrologer Laxmikant shastri is Famous In India and Abroad. For his Prediction, he is popular For Removal Of NEGATIVE ENERGY, Vashikaran, vashikaran mantra for love back, Remedies for monetary issues, Remedies for Not having kids, vastu issues and numerology, he can give you quick solutions for your issues how much ever your issues extreme might be, he has over 32 years of involvement in Astrology field and he is great in white love spells a large portion of the general
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Aug 8
Country: Dominica; City: Roseau;   map  
  The Most Power Full Human Emotion Is Love. Love Spells Provides You Support In Examine Whether Relationship Is Meant To Succeed Or Fail.
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Aug 3
  +27734842145 WELCOME TO HEALING MAMA AISHA THE ONLY ONE WHO HEALS AND SOLVES ALL FAILED/UNFINISHED PROBLEMS FROM OTHER HEALERS/HERBALIST. Stop suffering today! Change your life and archive your goals. No matter whom you are or religion you believe in, this type of treatment may be the only solutions to your problems with your long illness. Try this; you will see a better change!
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Jul 22
Country: Egypt; City: Cairo;    
  African traditional and spiritual healer. Call / whatsapp +27632233099 email: I am Dr.Hatib, a spiritual healer, spell caster and fortune teller. My life's mission is to help people all over the world by means of spiritual healing and spell casting. I specialize in relationship and money matters. Contact Dr.Hatib on +27632233099 email: .So don't miss the chance, to be helped by a great herbalist healer. ALL RESULTS ARE 100% GUARANTEED, The only trusted herbalist who can help you in the following problems and more 1) LOVE SPELLS TO BRING YOUR LOVER BACK TO YOU 2) LOVE SPELLS FOR BOTH STRAIGHT AND GAY 3) Love Spells for Lost Love. Or Bring Back your Lost Love Spell 4) spells to find Lost Love 5 He brings back lost lover/family. 6 He Makes court cases/divorces/ debts to disappear. 7. He has herbs for losing weight. call / whatssapp Dr.Hatib on +27632233099 email: Visit Website:
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Jul 22
Country: United States; City: Windcrest;    
  STRONG AFRICAN VOODOO SPELL CASTER call / whatsapp Dr.Hatib on +27632233099 email: Have you been disappointed in life? Has your problems failed and other spell casters and healers can't solve? Have you lost hope due to your worse past experience? Its your chance to regain your happiness only through Doctor Hatib’s Powerful and faster spells. Just present your problem to Doctor Hatib and it will be solved in the shortest time: Powerful Love Spells, Business Spells, Marriage.
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Jul 22
Country: United States; City: Biddeford;    
  Famous big money spell caster lottery casino betting business and more money spells call / whatsapp Dr.Hatib on +27632233099 email: Easy money spells that will unlock money making sources in your life. We all know of people who worked hard all their lives, yet died destitute depending on a pension that is being made useless by ever rising prices. Learn and tap into the ancient magic of Grecian & Persian traders who need the art of making money the easy way using easy money .
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Jul 22
Country: United States; City: Claiborne;    
  Famous big money spell caster lottery casino betting business and more money spells call / whatsapp Dr.Hatib on +27632233099 email: Easy money spells that will unlock money making sources in your life. We all know of people who worked hard all their lives, yet died destitute depending on a pension that is being made useless by ever rising prices. Learn and tap into the ancient magic of Grecian & Persian traders who need the art of making money the easy way using easy money.
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Jul 22
Country: Canada; City: Beauceville;    
  My name is Dr. Hatib and i’m blessed to cast powerful Spells and perform Traditional Healing with a number of different powerful prayers to ensure satisfaction to my clients, i have been Casting Spells for more than 58 Years and i have always been successful. Call / whatsapp Dr. Hatib on +27632233099 email: I have clients in more than 58 countries almost in every continent and many have been successful and have always written testimonies on my web site.
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Jul 22
Country: United States; City: Aventura;    
  SPECIALIST IN DISEASES RELATIONSHIP/LOVE (SAME TIME, SAME DAY RESULTS) call / whatsapp Dr.Hatib +27632233099 email: Finding new love Bring back lost lover & Binding lover Separate lovers Troubled relationship Control cheaters OTHER PROBLEMS Be liked at work Bring back stolen Property Attract customers Stop smoking /alcohol Court cases Finding a job Do you have pig lice? Pass exams Finish unfinished jobs from Other doctors Other relation/love Can’t see periods Swollen bodies & BP/drop Skin problems, long periods HIV symptoms Remove bad Discharge Womb cleaning Witches Fix houses, shops and cars Chase away Tokoloshe Bewitched people Bad luck. Etc……. For the Fast and Confidential Results, Call / whatsapp Dr. Hatib on +27632233099 Email: Visit website:
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Jul 22
Country: United Kingdom;    
  Court case spells and win a case call / Whatsapp +27632233099 email: Court case spells will help you win any kind court case. If a person has a court case against you. No matter how big the court case is my court case spells can help you get the verdict you want. Dr.Hatib bin Omar’s spells to win a court case have been used by thousands of people successfully. My spells for court cases can help you win any legal matter that is against you. My court spells cover family matter
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Jul 22
Country: India; City: Jagnair;   map  
  the most power full human emotion is love. love spells provides you support in examine whether relationship is meant to succeed or fail.
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Jul 3
  Customized Mystic Magic Ring to Help Win Lottery Call prof umaru +2771700894 This Mystic Ring is very strong and powerful and can change the life of the wearer. This Ring is spiritually prepared and there are lots of rituals and ceremonies done on the ring and then it is prepared, Again this ring is very safe and will always give lots of success and happiness to the wearer. Email: , website:
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Jul 1
Country: Brazil; City: Boa Vista;   map  
  Lost Love / Marriage/Stop Cheating / Bad luck / Have Babies Spiritual powerful Spell Caster The Strongest herbalist healers / Spiritual Spell caster ,lost love spell caster,He communicate any time with the spiritual worlds. Since I was young I practiced African spiritual healing. I am gifted with powerful powers that have been passed down from generation to generation. I come from a spiritual family that has a lot of powerful spells. My grandfather was the biggest Calabash reader in our village
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Jun 21
Country: Denmark; City: Albertslund;    
  Dr dharma Powerful Spiritual Traditional Herbalist Healer experienced in Ancestral healing and spell casting, Astrologers, African Medicines, Ritualism, Herbalist healers, Spiritual healers, Native healer, Philosophy, Traditional healers, . Bring Back Lost Lover, even if lost for a long time. Remove Bad spells from homes, business &customer attraction etc. Get Promotion you have desired for a long time at work or in your career. . Remove the Black spot that keeps on taking your money away. Fin
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Jun 20
Country: Denmark; City: Hjorring;    
  Is it true that you are going to return with your ex-girlfriend / ex-boyfriend? The idea seems likely to stop energizing, especially if you both remember most of the great facts that happened together. Many couples are effective and end up with very solid connections after separation. The loss of your accomplice is one of the most difficult things you should ever have. The minute and then disappear through the door, it really feels like the world begins to collapse around your. It can be
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Jun 17
Country: Czech Republic; City: Usti nad Orlici;    
  The separation is very painful. The love they once shared for several years can be torn apart by the separation of the coup. Couples who find themselves in these circumstances often withdraw from society and sink into depression, hopelessness and melancholy. The good news is that the situation is permanent. With the help of spells, it gives you a second chance to relive the glorious past. If it was rejected without good reason, you can recover them by using this natural charm of free love. Thi
  Other Services
Jun 15
Country: Colombia; City: Giron;    
  freezer spells call +27833876160 Freezer Spells. Freezer spells are used to stop actions and put a hold to something being said or done. For example, if you are having troubles with a coworker who is gossiping or talking ill of you then you might want to try stopping them with a spell that would burn their tongue for spreading lies about you. these spells can be used for a number of reasons including the following: Court cases and legal investigators Nosy in-laws A cheating spouse Rival business competitors stopping a divorce bad/betraying friends stop yr partner from having children out of the marriage freezing break ups bad bosses to make them be in yr favour always call +27833876160 for more information
  Elderly Care
Jun 6
Country: Svalbard and Jan Mayen; City: Longyearbyen;    
  Business spells / money spells / promotions / and love spells +27733945534 Powerful money spells Love marriage spell specialist Financial problem solution Cheating problem solution Protection Spells Fix your financial problem with the best money spells Get your ex back in life Childless problem solution Be free from enemy Divorce problem solution Magic rings to give you power, wealth, and protect s Marriage life problem solution Man power and size +27733945534
  Computer Engineering
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